Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hermosa Beach Bird Pics + Marbled Godwit

Hey there Fanateurnithologists (fanateurnithologists is what fans of this website call themselves). It's been a while since I did a miscellaneous bird picture post, or a trip report, so I thought I'd combine them into one handy blog. Unlike many past birding destinations, today's locale is not a wildlife sanctuary or park or anything like that. Just a place I had the pleasure of spending a few hours at a little while ago. And like any birder on the road, I used that time to take pictures... of birds. Without further ado- Hermosa Beach.

Marbled Godwit (this guy has never had his own profile?? How incredibly disrespectful of me, let's fix that now)
Hermosa Beach, California, USA
February 2016
Member of the Sandpiper Family
§A Prayer of Godwits§

~true bird fact~ Many birds will flee their nest when approached, but these guys are so protective of their eggs that you can often walk right up to them and pick em' up. The amateurnithologist would recommend against you doing this, as it is a real jerk move.

Not afraid to get his hands dirty
Gets his sense of meaning from his work life
Believes in the afterlife

Foreground: Royal Tern (originally incorrectly identified as Elegant Tern, but with assistance from @TheBirdist on Twitter, this correct ID was made. Evidently, Elegant's bills are thinner. Very tough birds to ID)

Background: Ring-billed Gull


Foreground: Heerman's Gull 
Background: Western Gull

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