Friday, April 1, 2016


Phainopepla aka. Black Cardinal aka. Desert Cardinal (while inaccurate, you have to admit these are infinitely better names)
Joshua Tree, California, USA
February 2016
Member of the Silky Flycatcher Family (I guess)
§A Strand of Silky Flycatchers§

{Etymology Corner} You knew Greek had to be involved in this clunker, and you, dear reader, were dead right. The name literally translates to Shining Robe. Eh, I guess I see it, but it's a little lofty for this guy. This name gets a C+.

~true bird facts~ Ok, so this guy is really interesting and unique, so he gets a few facts. Deal with it, amateurnithologist purists. He has a really unique migration pattern, in which he spends half his year in the desert, and half in the forest. When he moves he changes his behavior entirely, going from very territorial in the desert to very communal in the woods. Even odder, this bird breeds twice per year, one time in each of these locales. FACT 2: He almost never drinks water, getting his hydration from the over 1000 mistletoe berries he eats per day. Lookout at Christmas time, this bird is just gonna ruin your decorations.

You know him for years and then find out he has this whole other side that makes you question not only all of your previous interactions with him, but also your base assumptions about other majors figures in your life
Big fan of those Sci-fi Channel low budget monster movies
Competent beyond your expectations
APRIL FOOLS! (he's just a bird, he doesn't have any of those personality traits) 

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