Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Brant aka. Brent Goose
Crown Point, San Diego, California, USA
February 2016
Member of the Duck, Goose, and Swan Family
§A Line of Geese§
★The Shortest Tail of any Goose★ (they can't all be winners)

{Etymology Corner} The name 'Brent' that this Goose sometimes goes by is reference to an old Greek waterbird, Brenthos. However, Brent is actually not his name, it's Brant, which, etymologically, appears to be more related to the sound of his honk. Somewhat mysterious, this etymology.

~true bird fact~ Well developed for his lifestyle of ocean living and ocean-plant eating, Brant has a special salt gland that lets him drink salt water without any ill effect. Why can't we have that? It would solve a lot of problems, for sure.

Reacts poorly to boundaries and rules
Doesn't like to get his hands dirty
Does NOT like that 'shortest tail' fact

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