Tuesday, February 26, 2013

American Robin

American Robin
Member of the Thrush Family (unfortunate scientific name: Turdidae)
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
*true bird fact*~ The American Robin is ever-present in our culture, and is one of the most widely spread and easily recognized land birds. He symbolizes the start of spring, mostly because he is one of the birds who lays his eggs earliest in the year. Furthermore, he has one of the most distinctive and well known bird songs, and his eggs are famously blue in color. The robin is super boring.

Pleasant enough
Is a blank slate that you can kind of project the qualities you want him to have onto him, which is sort of unhealthy, actually
Not troubled by 'the big questions' of life
Encountering one will lead to good luck in your upcoming romantic endeavors, but nobody's sure why

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Common Peafowl

Common Peafowl aka. Blue Peafowl
Jupiter, Florida, USA
Member of the Turkey/Grouse Family
*true bird fact*~ Although he is native to and the national bird of India, there are pockets of wild peafowl in Southern Florida and California, where the hospitable climate has allowed zoo-escapees to establish themselves.

Hides a tragic past behind his beauty and prideful attitude
Liberal social values, but doesn't vote
Feels he has to spend ostentatiously to keep friends
A fan of obsolete art (e.g. silent films)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Barn Owl

Barn Owl
Roseville, California, USA
Member of the Owl Family
*true owl fact*~ Owls have asymetrically placed ears. This allows them to have a greater degree of accuracy when detecting where sounds are coming from. Helpful when hunting small things at night, I'm sure.

*true bird fact that is actually relevant to this specific bird*~ The Barn Owl has an astounding range, spanning six continents, 44 million square kilometers. Your amateurnithologist wants to say that this makes it the most widely spread owl, but you never know with this kind of thing. Additionally, the Barn Owl has a reputation all over the world as a bird with a connection to the spirit world. In some places he is called the Devil Owl, Death Owl, Demon Owl, or Hobgoblin Owl.

Is not actually evil, but comes and goes freely in the dark places of the world
Perpetually sleepy
Legendarily good cook, sought after for bird parties
In bird legend, ferries birds who have died over to the other side (the bird version of the grim reaper)
Not too worried about how things are going to turn out