Saturday, May 7, 2016

Light Brahma

Light Brahma aka. Brahma Pootra aka. Burnham aka. Gray Chittagong aka. Shanghai
Castello di Amorosa, Calistoga, California, USA
January 2016
Member of the Junglefowl Family
§A Brood of Chickens§

~true bird fact~ The Brahma, along with another feather-footed chicken called the Cochin brought about a chicken craze in the 1850's in the US and UK that was called HEN FEVER. During this time, he was nicknamed The King of All Poulty (!!!). Perhaps this came from his regal bearing, or, more likely, because he gets to be up to 18 pounds, making him the second largest chicken breed. Many hipsters have hen fever these days as well, so I hope they're still using this terrific nickname.

Gentle-hearted, but project toughness
Gives generously of his considerable wealth
Secretly just wants to be taken care of, pampered
Loves rich foods

Once again we bring you selected Excerpts from customer reviews of the Brahma on Your favorite feature and mine...

Bird Reviews
Rated #16 in chickens (of approx. 170 breeds), with a 94% positive rating. There are 113+ reviews of this chicken.

"If I were starting my flock over, I'd consider having all Brahmas"

"I love that they are big girls, and their feathered feet"

"Gentle, lovey, wants you to hold her"

"Sometimes her fluffy feet get dirty. A small price to pay to look fancy everyday!"

"I brought her in the house yesterday and fed her peanuts on the couch!!!"

"She thinks she's a dog, and I just love her."

"He loves to snuggle. When I go outside and sit down he immediately will jump on my lap along with the lady brahmas. One day I was standing in the coop and someone was pecking my shoe and then they started tugging on my pant leg! I looked down and Aggie, the rooster, was pulling on me. We made eye contact, he stopped and stood completely still until I picked him up and snuggled with him. I cannot stress enough what a good bird he is. It honestly amazes me. The other day I gave him a bath and be stood still nearly the entire time."

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