Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Bufflehead aka. Spirit Duck
Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley, California, USA
January 2016
Member of the Duck, Goose, and Swan Family
§A Paddling of Ducks§

{etymology corner} The name Bufflehead is reportedly a portmanteau of 'Buffalo' and 'Head', referring to this duck's unusually large and bulbous head. The Latin name, Bucephala albeola, is playing around in the same territory, translating to 'white bullheaded'. I mean it's a somewhat unusual head guys, but I don't know if I'd go that far.

~true bird fact~ The Bufflehead nest nearly exclusively in hollows originally excavated by Northern Flickers (sometimes other woodpecker nests are acceptable). Buffleheads are so small partly so that they can fit into these tiny hollows. That's how evolution works, right?

Talks in a squeaky baby voice, has other alarmingly immature affectations
Optimistic, at times too a fault

Jumps quickly to defensiveness when questioned
The life of the party
Exudes leadership energy

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