Monday, November 11, 2013

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker
Roseville, California, USA
Member of the Woodpecker Family
§A Menorah of Flickers§ (?!)

~true woodpecker fact~ like many woodpeckers, these guys like to drum on objects. They find the loudest things they can and just go to town. You can often hear a woodpecker from a half a mile away if they've found something made of metal. They do this to mark their territory and communicate with each other.

~true northern flicker fact~ These come in two colors- yellow in the eastern US and red in the west. Check out those fancy tail feathers! They are the only woodpecker who mostly forages on the ground. Wow, you look that cool and that's your most interesting thing? Sheesh.

Boisterous and quick to speak up
Excellent social skills, never shows up to a party without a bottle of wine. An expert host and event planner
Likes to give advice to his friends. Sometimes to strangers
His favorite holiday is Easter

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