Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What Kind of House is That, House Sparrow?

House Sparrow aka. English Sparrow
Battery Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
July 2015
Member of the Old World Sparrow Family
§A Host of Sparrows§
The Most Widely Distributed Bird

{Etymology Corner} The word Sparrow derives from the Old English word for speed. Makes sense, I guess, but there are faster birds.

~"true" bird fact~ Things this bird is claimed to 'represent' by various sources; loneliness, solitude, insignificance, loyalty, lust, sexual potency, commonness, vulgarity. People projecting all over this sparrow, dang.

What makes something a house and what makes something a home? This is a question a House Sparrow surely deals with often, since he has 'house' in his name. Is that really a house, House Sparrow? Are you living up to your name?

Nest Details
Construction: man-made hole in a traffic light, lined with coarse, dried vegetation.
Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC intersection.

PS- This is another bird released into New York City by the crazy guy who wanted all of the birds mentioned in Shakespeare to live in the new world. You know, the guy responsible for all these Starlings all over the place.

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