Monday, April 1, 2013

European Starling

European Starling aka. Common Starling aka. Starling
Member of the Starling Family
Seattle, Washington, USA
~true bird fact~ The European Starling is a bird with a gift for mimicry. He has been shown to be able to learn the songs of 20 other birds, and people have a long relationship with teaching them to mimic speech. A native to Europe originally, he lives in the Western Hemisphere today because 100 Starlings were released in Central Park 100 years ago by some nutjob who wanted American to have all of the birds mentioned in Shakespeare. Ok buddy.

A brave bird who will willing volunteer for dangerous missions
Doesn't let others in easily. A mystery to even his partner.
Would never tell this to other birds, but often feels more at home in the world of humans. An odd bird out.
Can easily run afoul of the law if he isn't careful.

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