Thursday, August 20, 2015

Life of Birds.gif part 5: Life is Cute

Last time we checked out the first half of the .gifs I had made for Life of Birds, episode 3, the one about eating and pooping. Relive that experience here if you dare. And if you're late to the party, Life of Birds is an early example of the great Attenborough narrated BBC nature doc, pre Life and pre Planet Earth. It focuses on birds, and therefor we focus on it.

So what else did the episode have in it? Well it had bird eating in non-disgusting ways. Like take a look at this one. Hummingbird's are always neat for a .gif. Although I'm still pretty sure it's a bug or something, and therefor not eligible for this blog on a technicality.

This might be my favorite eating trick. Looks so satisfying, like tossing a piece of popcorn into your mouth. Toucan's always showing off.

Not sure if this falls into the cute or gross category. I think the bird being the supercute Quetzel pushes it over the line, but what do you think? He is regurgitating the undigested part of his fruit, by the way.

We also have Mr. Attenborough being overwhelmed by parrots. It's a heck of a job if you can get it.

Finally, the episode featured a number of symiotic relationships between birds and other animals. Or as you otherwise might call it Unusual Animal Friends

A good fact I know about the capybara, pictured here, is that it loves to splash and play.

Yeah, like so. I hope these help you win the next .gif contest you are challenged to.

Clean that Giraffe. Finally I leave you with a .gif of a cute baby bird falling asleep.

More Life of Birds .gifs here, if you're into it. Good night blog fans, try to click quietly so you don't wake him up.

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  1. The Quetzel spits out larger seeds as they sometimes contain poison, like peach pits do.
    Young children often eat peach pits or are fed them by an older sibling.
    They can get cyanide poisoning from it.
    You know as their blood turns bright cherry red.
    Yes, there is enough cyanide to kill you if you eat too many pits.
    The other reason the Quetzel spits out the seeds is they can get stuck during digestion causing them horrible pain and eventually death.
    So, doing this helps them stay healthy.
    It also spreads seeds throughout the forest/jungle, creating more available food.
    Thanks for sharing it.
    I really enjoyed the bird getting a ride on the capybara.
    It seemed very attached to it.
    I know birds eat parasites and insects off them but didn't know they travelled together like this.
    Lucky bird.
    No snake is going to eat him.
    ... unless it's big enough to swallow them both whole.