Monday, February 2, 2015

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl aka. Tiger Owl aka. Hoot Owl
Point Reyes, California
December 2014
Member of the True Owl Family
§A Bazaar of Owls§

~true bird fact~ Let's talk food. Great Horned Owls have the most diverse diet of any North American bird of prey. They eat rats, rabbits, reptiles, raptors, and other things that don't even start with R. Yeah, you saw right, these things eat ospreys and other birds of prey. They kill using mostly constriction and their talons close with the strength of a much larger bird of prey, like a Golden Eagle. GHO's sometimes kill things that are too big to eat all at once, so they store the body someplace cold to keep the meat good, defrosting it when they need to with their own body heat. Crows hate these guys, mostly because they are death incarnate. You can tell from that picture up there that they desperately want to be able to kill humans.

Believes in superstitious or spiritual things.. 'magic', etc
Judges those who don't read harshly
Tramples enemies under foot [claw] without mercy

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