Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rest in Peace California Towhee

The other day, a bird flew into my house. Before I was able to get him out of the house (and believe me, dear readers, I tried), my dog got to him, and tragedy occurred. I hold myself at least partially to blame; leaving the door open on a warm day, not thinking quickly enough to find another room to lock the dog into, not being able to get the towhee out quick enough. In the end, dogs will kill birds if they get the rare chance to, nature takes its course. Still, I've been a bit sad for the bird ever since, and so in addition to always taking a little bit more care with my back door, I'll do the only thing I can for him, and make a brief tribute on this here blog.

California Towhee
Richmond, California, USA
May 2014
Member of the American Sparrow Family
§A Tangle of Towhees§

~True bird fact~ Kind of a toughy, the California Towhee makes his nest in Poison Ivy. He is so combative that he'll often get into lengthy conflicts with his own reflection in car windows and mirrors.

Personality not speculated upon out of respect, and because it would make me sad. California Towhee, you were a good bird.

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