Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk aka. Chickenhawk (join the club)
Tiburon, California, USA
May 2014
Member of the Kites, Eagles, and Hawks Family
§A Boil of Hawks§

~true bird fact~ The Red-tailed Hawk has probably the most recognizable voice of any bird. You'll know it the instant you hear it, and that's because it has such a quality of raptory-ness to it that it's been used as the stand in for the voice of all sorts of other cool birds of prey whose real voices don't live up to their image (esp. Bald Eagle). The sound of a Red-tailed hawk strongly connotes wilderness, so often if a director wants to make an audience really feel the remoteness or honesty or threat of a place, he will play a red-tailed hawk cry over a sweeping pan of the landscape. Pay attention to and you'll start to notice all the time! Here's an interesting Salon article about the phenomenon.

Pleased by her own cleverness. Most so when it results in a victory over someone else
Often feels alone, even when surrounded by friends
Travels for pleasure
Gets all silent and stoic when upset


  1. Yea that first picture is a Ferruginous Hawk...

  2. Still misidentifying birds, eh? All I can say is... Hawkward..
    Thanks for the tip and the ID- replaced the picture with something that I am 99% sure is actually a red-tail.