Sunday, March 5, 2017

Greater White-fronted Goose

Greater White-fronted Goose aka. White-fronted Goose (regional) aka. Greater Whitefront aka. Specklebelly (colloq.)
Wetland's Edge Park, American Canyon, California, USA
January 2017
Member of the Duck, Goose, and Swan Family
§A Chevron of Geese§

~true bird fact~ Like many geese, whitefronts have unusually strong familial bonds within the bird world. Not only do couples stay together, but children will often migrate and form lasting relationships with their parents. Goose siblings even continue to interact with one another throughout their lives. This is kind of a tangent, but why are we so quick to point out and assign value to animals showing monogamous behavior? This is listed as a fun fact on so many birds. Seems like we might be projecting..

~also of note~ The Greater White-fronted Goose wikipedia page contains one of the more egregious examples of someone editing themselves onto wikipedia that I've personally encountered. Check out the section entitled 'Backtracking Technique" near the bottom for a passage about Micha Horacek's Goose tracking technique that definitely, definitely was written by Micha Horacek. Or more likely, copy-pasted from his research paper.

Smokes a pipe
Resentful of being seen as 'part of the flock'
A creature of habit. Always orders the same thing at restaurants.
Hides a dark suburban secret

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