Thursday, March 9, 2017


Bushtit aka. American Bushtit
Lands End, San Francisco, California, USA
February 2017
Member of the Bushtit Family
There is §No Official Name for a Flock of Bushtits§

~true bird fact~ An extremely distinctive nester, Bushtits weave a sack/sock like structure with an opening at the top that hangs down of the branch of a tree. This thing is made of moss and spidersilk and lined with feather (how alchemical). It's already not a common nest structure (it's called a Pendant Nest, btw), but what makes it even odder is that other adult birds outside of the mating pair help build it, often males, which is nearly unheard of. Family groups all sleep in the nest together until the young are ready to fly. It all sounds extremely cute.

Highly active and dynamic
Definitely friendly, but a bit humorless
Bold for her small size
Doesn't have the time or inclination to deal with a lot of bullshit (so so close to being able to say 'you can't spell bullshit without bushtit...)

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