Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trip Report: Wetland's Edge Park

Well, I promised I'd highlight some local birding destinations, and now I'm doing it. Let's see how this goes. These trip report blogs are probably going to be heavy on the images, light on the bird characterization (mostly because I've already blogged these birds). Basically I want to show you what is there, and why you might want to go. Ok? Ok.

Wetland's Edge Park, American Canyon, California, USA
December 2016

Wetland's Edge Park is located in American Canyon, California, on the east bank of the lower Napa River. It's a delta-y area that drains into the San Pablo Bay, by way of Vallejo. Like many great birding spots, it's the site of a former landfill, and indeed, the trail hiked was the 'landfill loop trail'. Part of the park has access to the San Francisco Bay Trail as well. There are a few significant sloughs and drainage ponds of various sizes. And that means birds!


Mostly small shorebirds, egrets, herons, and ducks. Many of my recent exciting ducks have come from this trip, in fact. The park had a ton of Northern Shovelers, Cinnamon Teals, American Wigeons, and Coots.

Marbled Godwit - easily catches a chill
no one knows or cares what these birds are
 It's also where I got my sweet pheasant sighting.

Great Egret - a libertarian

But that's not all the birds you'll find at Wetland's Edge. The low grasslands adjacent to the trail have a bunch of shrubs and trees, and a number of other birds were on hand.

Lesser Goldfinch - incredulous
House Finch - helicopter parent
The most striking find of the trip (aside from aforementioned pheasant), was a very bold or very sleepy Turkey Vulture sitting placidly on a low branch of a tree beside the road, basically 10-15 feet away at eye level. Definitely the closest I've been to one of these extraordinary birds. As if that weren't enough, a noisy Raven flew up and seemed to attempt to harass him away with cawing.

Turkey Vulture - gracious
Common Raven - headstrong
Another great surprise of the park was an unnamed point that offered a great view of the bay and a glass/debris beach.

Overall, I give Wetland's Edge Park a review of 'do bird'. There's a huge variety of habitats, from tall marsh grass to eucalyptus grove, and I'm sure even on what felt like a very productive birding trip, I barely scratched the surface.

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  1. I love these blogs never stop writing them. The captions on the pics are great. I read this one to Max instead of reading a boring bedtime story. I hope he has dreams of landfills, turkey vultures, and broken glass