Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mystery Bird: Bird with expressive eyes

Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Best Guess: Immaculate Antbird

This mystery bird comes from the jungles of Costa Rica. In fact, he's from the same little bus stop that your amateurnithologist spotted both types of macaws (and an upcoming surprise bird!). It is notably more difficult to identify birds outside of North America. My usual resources are only good for identifying more local species. Someone over at Allaboutbirds.org or whatbird.com should get cracking on a global database. Anyway, sometimes it's just not possible to get a clear ID, even with a great shot like this. We all have our little failings. Here's a profile on him anyway.

A sensitive soul
Always figuring things out
A true extravert, hates to be alone
Behaves inappropriately in public sometimes. Some might say spoiled

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