Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw
Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Member of the Parrot Family
The National Bird of Honduras

~true bird fact~ The jungle is a difficult place to try and get a bite to eat. Many of the fruits that make up the macaw's diet are poisonous. To counteract this, macaws eat river-bank mud which neutralizes the toxins. You can often find large groups of tropical birds at such 'clay licks', as they visit them nearly every day. Some scientists believe the macaws eat the clay not for its absorptive qualities, but because it contains sodium, generally rare in the rainforest.. Who knows, maybe they just love to eat clay.

A big celebrity, but down to earth
Has a lot more going on mentally than most people assume
Only really trusts his family
Once had a drug problem

*Bird PSA* Do not buy a pet Scarlet Macaw. They are intelligent and social birds who communicate and travel in large flocks and mate for life. They don't belong in a cage. The illegal pet trade has caused local extinctions in many areas, and although they are still common enough in South America to not be considered endangered, their range is shrinking all the time from habitat loss and poaching. Thanks guys!

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