Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Anna's Hummingbird

Anna's Hummingbird
Oakland, California, USA
Member of the Hummingbird Family
*true bird fact* A recent study has discovered that Anna's Hummingbird can shake faster than any other vertebrate at an outstanding 55 shakes per second (55sps). They do this to shake off dust, dirt, and pollen while in flight.
§A Bouquet of Hummingbirds§

A Hummingbird who has joined a secret society and must wear a mask
Mostly just spies, sometimes does horrible things
Rejoins polite society, friends and family none the wiser
Mostly eats jewelry, like all hummingbirds

Wait a second Amateurnithologist! You didn't think you'd get away with not telling us who 'Anna' is and why she possesses this hummingbird, didya?
Oh non-existent fan-base, I'd never leave you hanging like that!

Naturalist Profile: René Primevère Lesson
Fought in the Napoleonic wars as a teenager. Mainly served on naval vessels as a surgeon or pharmacist. After his tour of duty, went on one of those very popular round-the-world voyages and described many new species. He has the interesting distinction of being the first European to see Birds of Paradise during his trip to New Guinea. He went on to focus on hummingbirds, granting names to them of oddly specific members of French aristocracy. Anna's Hummingbird is named after Anna Masséna, Duchess of Rivoli. Prior to his observations it was believed that these birds perhaps did not have feet (they do). Also an accomplished herpetologist, who described many species of reptile and amphibian for the first time.

Contributions to Ornithology: Hummingbirds (var), Birds of Paradise (var), Two books on the subject; Manuel d'Ornithologie (1828), Traité d'Ornithologie (1831).

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