Friday, July 28, 2017


Killdeer aka. Chattering Plover aka. Noisy Plover (archaic)
Odessa Meteor Crater, Odessa, Texas, USA (Trip Advisor Quote: "Don't expect much, and you won't be disappointed")
July 2017
Member of the Plover/Lapwing Family
§A Season of Killdeers§

{Etymology Corner} Named onomatopoetically after the sound it makes. It's archaic names refer to this habit of noisy, frequent, distinctive calling as well. As for whether the cry sounds like 'killdeer' or not, your amateurnithologist is extremely skeptical.

~true bird fact~ Killdeer build their nests right out in the open, not attempting to disguise or protect them environmentally. What they do instead is a very active defense of their nest. The Killdeer may be most famous for her 'broken wing display' (below), in which she flutters around and pretends to be injured, to get predators away from the nest. When they've been lured far enough away, she simply pops up, good as new, and flies away. To deal with larger, non-predatory animals, the killdeer will charge them and perform a different display, attempting to get them to change their path to avoid a nest-trampling.

Seems nice, but really loves to gossip
Always a few months behind the curve in discovering new trends and technologies
Thinks she knows everything about your kids, just because she has kids
Great cook

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