Friday, November 11, 2016

Go Watch Planet Earth II (a recommendation with .gifs)

I've mentioned how much I love BBC nature docs, right? And their patron saint, Sir David Attenborough? Of course I have, because this blog is an honest and open place for sharing our passions. Well, in the midst of a year filled with bad news, the BBC gave us a gift. They dropped a brand new Planet Earth series on us almost over night, Beyonce style. Having now watched the first episode (Islands), I can heartily recommend it to you and declare it to be a winner. I don't think I've ever endorsed any kind of thing on this blog before, but buy this series (when you can). In the mean time I've taken it upon myself to give you a little preview in the way I know best- by making bird .gifs out of it.

Recommended use: When you see your best bro or gal for the first time in forever//when you have a complicated greeting ritual with someone
Recommended use: When you are feeling like an awkward third wheel//at a party where you don't know enough people
 Recommended use: After an epic fail of some kind
 Recommended use: Yoga//Instilling hope
Recommended use: When you're a crested penguin, just doing crested penguin things, that other, non-crested penguin beings just wouldn't understand

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