Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hermit Warbler

Hermit Warbler (juvenile)

Washington Square Park, San Francisco, California USA
January 2014
Member of the Wood Warbler Family
§A Fall of Warblers§

~true bird fact~ Diet consists strictly of bugs and spiders. Short fact for you today, folks...

Ok fine, here's another. It's shy. Every website says that, what's going on, I thought anthropomorphizing was my deal? Are they trying to capture the magic of the Amateurnithologist brand? Anyway, it's a boring bird. Every other fact I can find is this lame inside-baseball stuff about Townsend's Warbler displacing their populations. Dangit Townsend's Warbler, not again!

Loves a good view
Has a conspiratorial nature
Doesn't stand up to Townsend's Warbler one bit, I can tell you that for sure

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