Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bespoke Valentine's Day Bird .gifs

On this Valentine's Day, our gift to you, loyal readers, is the perfect way to tell your partner(s) or other loved ones that you care, with these handcrafted .gifs. If there's something that communicates the message of the holiday better than a moving image of a bird on the internet, I certainly don't know what it is, and my wife doesn't either! Just kidding, I got her a real gift. But you can choose to just send one of these, if you want to. I mean, there's certainly no law against it. Without further ado, our Valentine's E-Cards. Don't forget to name-drop my website when you send them, in order to kill the mood entirely.

A sly way to tell someone that you're interested in them, maybe as more than a friend. Consider this bird .gif the modern equivalent of putting one of those mini scooby doo valentines in your crush's lunchbox.

Perfect for the stay-at-home dad or mom. It's a full time job! Also applicable to young college dudes who would never change their bedsheets or do the dishes if it wasn't for their partner.

Assure your partner that there may be plenty of fish in the sea, but that you've found the one you're looking for with this bird .gif. Good if you've had a complicated past.

Great for the couple who is looking to take things to the next level. Imagine this image as a segue into saying those three magic words for the first time (the words are "I love birds")

For your girlfriend who is super awesome, and just hasn't found the right guy yet. Sometimes we all need a pep-talk when we're out there in the dating wastelands. Say it with this bird .gif, which perfectly simulates the online dating experience specifically, and really all dating in general. (If you need this for a male friend, send me an e-mail and I'll make one that say's 'dude, don't settle'. We're all about service here at amateurnithologist)

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