Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rock Wren

Rock Wren
Death Valley, California, USA
February 2014
Member of the Wren Family
§A Flight of Wrens§

~true bird fact~ A Bird truly adapted to the desert lifestyle (and to California's deadly drought) the Rock Wren doesn't drink any water at all. He gets all the moisture he needs from his diet, which is mainly bugs and spiders. Makes me thirsty just thinking about it.

A lonesome fella
Sympathizes with the down-n-outs//drifter class (prisoners, the homeless, etc)
Out of date in his ideas and preferences. Doesn't reckon he'd like the city much, e.g.
Does what he can to help his fellow man


Amateurnitholog (author's notes)
I know I've been promising birds from the recent Florida trip, but for some reason today I felt like taking care of some unfinished business from another trip from a little more than a year ago. This bird was photographed on a big road trip I took all around California with two of my dearest friends who were both on their way out of the state at the time. It's a sign of progress for me when I can identify a bird now fairly easily that used to be a stumper for me. At some point in the last year, for example, I figured out that that tail is a real Wren indicator. From there it wasn't too hard to figure out Rock Wren (based on, i.e. season and landscape he appeared in). Like on every bird, I do hope I didn't get this one wrong. Regardless, it certainly felt like a less helpless, flailing process than the last time I tried to figure out what this guy was, and that's progress.

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