Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's a Very Special Mother's day Bird Blog

Happy Mothbirds day! No, not some kind of combination of moths and birds (aka. hummingbirds). Today is mother's day, celebration of all things momish. Human moms, like the one that your amateurnithologist has, and bird moms. Let's take a look at some birdmoms and bird babies in honor of this special day. This one's for you mom (aka. the Momateurnithologist, aka. Amateurnimomlogist, aka. Momateurnimomlogist).
 Baby Canada Goose (aka. Gosling) & Mom (background)
~true mom fact~ Why do Canada Geese love grassy lawns so much? Well, two reasons- number one, they can eat grass (unlike many other birds) and two, they like to build their nests in wide open, unobstructed places. This lets them see threats coming from a long way away. Young goslings often stay with their family for an entire year.

The type of mom who will have a really hard time moving on when the kids are no longer at home
 Baby Seagull (no one knows what kind) & Mom (very unofficial guess is Herring Gull)
~true mom fact~ Feeding a baby gull is exhausting work. Mom and dad alike work in shifts, feeding the baby gull up to half a pound of food a day, day and night for 12 weeks. The mother gull has already lost much calcium and protein by this point, so she must alter her diet by eating a lot of invertebrates and fish.

The type of mom who doesn't let childbearing slow her down. She'll be posting gym selfies within a week of giving birth.
Baby Mallard Duckling & Mom
~true mom fact~ rather than leaving her nest to gather lining material, the malard mom plucks feathers from her own breast to line the nest and cover her eggs. A selfless mom.

A 'cool' mom who wants to do a lot of stuff with her kids

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