Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Resolution Birds//Bird Resolutions 2014

Happy 2014 to birdfans and blogfans alike. How was your 2013? Ours was good. We had some great birds, expanded our e-web-presence onto 'The Twitter', traveled to exotic birding locales, and helped to crown the Bird of the Year. The beginning of the year is a time to reflect on our accomplishment, sure, but mostly, we look forward.

Here is the Amateurnitholo-List of birds we hope to see/birding goals we hope to accomplish in 2014

1) Take a picture of a Golden Eagle

© Jacqueline Deely
If there is any bird that is my bird that is the Moby Dick to my Captain Ahab right now, it is Disgraced Bird of the Year Loser, Golden Eagle. I saw one, very close up, when I was hiking in the desert outside Reno, and it was one of the most awing bird experiences I've ever had. Since then I've been trying mightily to find an opportunity to take a picture of one, going so far as to look up sightings using a birding website and actually go to places in the hopes of finding him there. Do you see what you've made me do, Golden Eagle!? In 2014 I definitely want to put this one to rest.
Possible Location: Robert Sibley Regional Volcanic Preserve, California, USA

2) See a Roseate Spoonbill

© William L. Newton

The Amateurnithologist's Mom saw one of these, and he has not. Enough said. It is also a beautiful and distinctive bird that typifies the Florida Birding Experience.
Possible Location: Lake Worth Golf Course, Lake Worth, Florida, USA

3) Get a good picture of a Vulture

How often have I seen a circling Turkey Vulture and pointed my camera skyward in the hopes of capturing a good picture of this guy? Way too many times. This year I will find you at rest, Vulture, and then it's all over. Obviously the crรจme de la vulture would be the California Condor, but even I'm not foolish enough to bank on that happening. Call it a reach goal.
Possible Location: Big Sur, California, USA

4) Blog about more ducks

© Bob Gunderson
With the possible exception of Crows and Jays, the duck family are my favorite birds. Heck, before I began my amateurnithological journey, I would say that ducks were my favorite animals full stop. I want this blog to reflect this with a strong contingent of duck pics this year. And what better duck to look for than Surf Scoter up there. What a face!
Possible Location: Lake Merritt, Oakland, California, USA

5)  Track down the elusive Snail Kite
© Jim Neiger

He's rare, he lives only in South Florida (where ur amat. is from), and eats a ton of snails. I have to get a picture of this weirdo. I think my fascination with him comes from the fact that I went for a hike last year in one of the few places he can commonly be found in the wild and didn't see him. Well, I'm going back. And this time, it's personal.
Possible Location: Grassy Waters Preserve, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

6) Find a Painted Bunting

© Danny Bales

Am I convinced that this bird will give me magic powers if I find it? No, no, that would be ridiculous. But you certainly can't argue that it doesn't look like it would. One of those birds you hear about and then just have to see. Utterly silly.
Possible Location: Merritt Island, Florida, USA

A seventh implied goal is to keep on producing great content for this web blog on a weekly basis and to keep making improvements. Is there anything I can do to make you a happier blog consumer? Sound off in the comments. Otherwise, have a great year, and may all your birds be new.

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