Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Birds.gif: Little Blue Heron Hunting

Click here to bring this Heron to life!

Little Blue Heron
Lake Worth, Florida, USA
Member of the Heron Family
~true bird fact~ The juvenile Little Blue Heron has white plumage, making it hard to distinguish from Snowy Egrets. Young Blue Herons are often taught to fish by these Egrets before they realize they're members of a different species.
§A Hedge of Herons§

Sharps and impressive, knows how to get things done
Comes from a wealthy family of high achievers, but has surpassed them on his own merits
Surprises one with rare little bits of savagery
Secretly driven by an inferiority complex

Oh, you wanted to see the full video? But of course (with musical bonus(?)):

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