Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Osprey aka. Sea Hawk, aka. Fish Eagle, aka. Fish Hawk
note An Osprey is NOT a Sea Eagle!
Lake Worth, Florida, USA
Member of the Osprey Family
~true bird fact~ An oddly specific bird, the Osprey eats almost exclusively live fish. Medieval myth held that the Osprey had some kind of hypnotic power, and that he could make fish turn belly up and surrender to him.

~one more bird fact~ The Osprey has very flexible joints and can actually shield his eyes from the sun with his wing while flying. So Cool.

~ok, this is really the last bird fact~ Pliny the Elder, ancient roman naturalist and writer, purported that Ospreys make their children fly directly up towards the sun in a test of bravery. Those who would not do it, he said, were killed by their parents.

Always looking for an angle
Embraces stereotypes of coolness that others could not get away with
Laughs when he is confident of something (which is always)
Not a bird who settles down
In bird legend, the envoy between the Kingdom of the Sea and birds

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