Tuesday, February 26, 2013

American Robin

American Robin
Member of the Thrush Family (unfortunate scientific name: Turdidae)
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
*true bird fact*~ The American Robin is ever-present in our culture, and is one of the most widely spread and easily recognized land birds. He symbolizes the start of spring, mostly because he is one of the birds who lays his eggs earliest in the year. Furthermore, he has one of the most distinctive and well known bird songs, and his eggs are famously blue in color. The robin is super boring.

Pleasant enough
Is a blank slate that you can kind of project the qualities you want him to have onto him, which is sort of unhealthy, actually
Not troubled by 'the big questions' of life
Encountering one will lead to good luck in your upcoming romantic endeavors, but nobody's sure why

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