Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bird Portraiture: Common Loon

Common Loon
Church Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada
Member of the Loon Family
*true bird fact*~ The de facto national bird of Canada, she appears on the Candian one-dollar coin. Dollars are commonly called 'Loonies' there for this reason.

Endlessly pleasant and charitable towards friends and strangers alike
Never has a moment of downtime- an athlete, socially active, sings, volunteers at a soup kitchen
Looks at the Canada Goose with a combination of sympathy and confusion; doesn't really understand why they couldn't be great friends 
The more you get to know her, the more sure you become that she doesn't really have any flaws or normal-person-issues, which is almost more unnerving than anything else you could discover, if you think about it
Still, a great bird that one can't help but admire. Has many admirers

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