Monday, April 2, 2012

Mystery Bird Series #1 of X: Bird of Prey in the City

Hello bird fans and welcome to a new feature here on Amateurnithologist. Sometimes your intrepid bird-picture-taker just isn't up to the task of identifying a bird. On these rare occasions I will just throw the picture up there and ask you all to help determine the bird in question. This fine gentlewoman below took literally more than an hour of research to no avail. It's a bird blog mystery! Oh boy, are you ready to guess that bird? (a note to all the children and sensitive fans, pictures below feature graphic bird)

The Tenderloin, San Francisco, California, USA
Best Guess: Red-Shouldered Hawk

Smart as a whip, would go far in big business
Counter-culture, likes piercings and tattoos
Is her own harshest critic
Never cries
Moved out of home early, self made bird doing things her way

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